Blind Date – Contemporary Art Museum of Crete


Contemporary Art Museum of Crete, Rethimno, 2019

Blind Date
Versions of artistic citizenship

Works from the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Art Museum of Crete
New works by collaborators of the Museum
Guest Artists

Adonis Volanakis

Contemporary Art Museum of Crete
Inauguration: Friday, June 28, 2019 at 20.00
32, Mesolongiou St., Rethymnon

On Friday, June 28, 2019, the Contemporary Art Museum of Crete inaugurates Blind Date, versions of artistic citizenship, anexhibition with works from the Permanent Collection and works by other artists.

The Permanent Collection of the CCA of Crete includes more than 650 works from the 20th and the21st centuries. Maria Marangou, maps a production of visual art from Greece and other countries with a particular instinct and diligence. In the present exhibition, artist Adonis Volanakis proposes works from the Museum’s permanent collection on a blind date with artists who do not belong to the collection, as a sculptural assembly of spaces and contexts. How does the Museum, the house of the Muses open its doors and hosts new research planes in visual art? How are new routes selected and how does one work illuminate another in a group exhibition?

“what happens inside us and what happens to us?”
Maurice Merleau-Ponty

The works were selected on one basic belief. Art shapes and transubstantiates our relationship with the world and the artist can-as an active subject-discursively transfer his/hers/their co-curiosity about what we call life.

Is art a possible tool for the unreeling of the multiple realities of the worlds we run-through-together in? Can art bring close the worlds of experienced reality with those of fantasies and dreams in a dance of plural form?

The exhibition proposes a series of questions from the juxtaposition of the works. Which is the prism of the versions of the artistic citizenship and what responsibilities and obligations artists present as citizens with another springboard and creative mediums? What does it mean for the work of an artist to belong to a permanent collection of a museum? Is the museum a hosting locus for the artists, their works and their ideas? Is it a space of hospitality for visitors’ / spectators’ / participants’ / witnesses’ / co-creators’ bodies and ideas?

The curator presents multiple routes through the works as a mosaic palimpsest. Painting, sculpture, videos, installations and performative actions will compose an attempt to record the reflections of the artists on the world. The Education Department will pose fundamental questions through museo-pedagogical programs for all ages, such as: What can be art, the concept of hospitality, of co-operation, of visibility and of interactive social integration.

Participating Artists:
Antouaneta AgelidiNikos AlexiouNicholas AnastasopoulosKaterina ApostolidouIonian Bisai + Sotiris TsigkanosNikos CharalambidisGeorge HadjimichalisThalia ChiotiKostas DaflosBia DavouThomas DiotisChristoforos DoulgerisPhoebe GiannisiMaria GlykaGiorgos GyparakisDoris HakimNadia KalaraNiki KanaginiLefteris KanakakisChristina KatsariEirini LinardakiMaria LoizidouRick Low + Maria PapadimitriouDespo MagoniMichalis ManousakisEleni Mylonas, Ilias PapailiakisDionisios PappasRena PapaspyrouGiannis PsychopedisChrysa RomanouAgelos SkourtisMarios SpiliopoulosMarianne StrapatsakisEleni TzirtzilakiAnna TsouloufiLagiou.

The exhibition will be open until October 27, 2019.

Blind Date versions of artistic citizenship

Curating: Adonis Volanakis

The exhibition is currently presented at the Contemporary Art Museum of Crete, June-Octomber 2019