Rosa’s New Clothes – Ikastikos Kiklos DL


Ikastikos Kiklos DL, 2019

Ikastikos Kiklos DL presents on Tuesday 15 January 2019 the group show

«Rosa’s New Clothes».

January 15th, 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Rosa Luxemburg’s

murder. To honour this wonderful and powerful woman after whom it has

been named, Rosa Luxemburgs Foundation’s Office in Greece turned to the

Athens School of Fine Arts to seek Rosa in art, to see how art can depict her

personality, her multiple interests, her flaws, her ideas, her era; to see what

Rosa looks like today, what she inspires, to dress her in her new clothes.

The exhibition was organized in cooperation with Aggelos Antonopoulos,

dean of ASFA and teaching professor of the 1st Painting Workshop, and with

Ada Dialla, president of and professor in the Department of History and

Theory of Art. Dida Papalexandrou and Athina Papanikolaou helped out with

the administration.

Texts by:

Sofia Chrysafopoulou, Irini Chrysanthi Giannis Karadimas, Nikolaos

Katsivelakis, Alkistis Maria Kontopoulou.