17 digital prints on aluminium, variable dimension

This project is entitled HELP (ΒΟΗΘΕΙΑ/VOITHEIA).

I present this word, written in large round pills, in the braille code, where each pill also replaces a dot from the code. This word written in the braille code, wouldn’t be understandable unless you could read the braille code. It would just be an incomprehensible word written on a wall. This is exactly the confusion I want to create, as I truly believe that the word HELP as it comes from the patient’s mouth, remains an almost incomprehensible word, since almost no one can sympathize the moment of the great pain of somebody, unless has someone gone through it. We usually remain silent on somebody’s pain, we don’t really know how to deal with the person who asks for help. It is a moment of despair and pain, facing  the fear of death.