The shape of water – Herakleidon Museum


“The shape of water”, group exhibition, curated by A. Antonopoulos, Herakleidon Museum, December 2021, Athens

The theme of this particular exhibition is the liquid element and the “dilemma” that may appear from it. A paradox for sure, since water-liquid does not have a specific shape. Its shape is created by the object that contains it. The ambition of the Heraklion Museum is, through the exhibition “The Shape of Water”, as well as through the other actions of the project “Roads of Water, Roads of Culture”, to provoke the participation of the viewer in this dialogue that will no longer be only visual, but also a search for the relationship of the city and its inhabitants with water as a vital, cultural, environmental good.

The project “Roads of Water, Roads of Culture” is implemented by the Heraklion Museum in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts, with the support and auspices of the Ministry of Culture.

The exhibition includes works by twelve graduates of the School of Fine Arts.

Participants: Elena Antonopoulou, Elpida Voutsa, Eugenia Galanopoulou, Elli Empedoklis, Eleni Zoumba, Vasiliki Koukou, Elena Kyrkili, Vladimir Mitropoulos, Dionιsios Pappas, Christina-Sylvia Simantira, Stratis Stamatakos, Ioannis-Alexandros Tovas

Curated by: Angelos Antonopoulos, Nikos Podias, Asimina Kaniari